Dear Reader,

I write, record, and perform music because I think works of art have the potential to benefit human beings. There are plenty of other sub-ideas, but the main point for me is that I think art is a form of communication that can really bring people together and at the same time challenge us to open ourselves; that sense of connection and opening up is beneficial in many ways.

Michael Jordan Touchdown Pass is the name I associate with my musical endeavors. I thought of the name when I was 16. I like it for a few reasons: it presents the inherent humor of being overly ambitious (I’m not saying M.J. was an egomaniac necessarily, just that we can all relate to trying to be the best at life and, hopefully, we can all have a chuckle about that); and at the same time, the name also evokes a sense of something good and grand being passed on. In this image, I don’t know who is who. It doesn’t seem to matter so much. The point is that the Touchdown Pass is in mid-air, and it is a glorious happening.

I do have to say that without the considerable support and encouragement of family, friends and strangers over the years, I would not be as inspired as I currently am to continue on writing, recording, and performing music. You have touched my heart, and I owe you the world.

If you want to get in touch, please do. My email is: michaels@marlboro.edu, my snail mail address is P.O. Box 356, Marlboro, VT 05344. If you want to order a CD, get in contact with my brother who is part of the Music Collective Savage Wasteland. Or, download it online.

Thank you very much. May goodness reveal itself!

Michael Campbell Schneeweis

Spring of 2014

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